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1. No smoking in or around the house. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

2. Clean up after yourself. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. Trash day is Tuesday morning. Take out the trash Monday nights or early Tuesday and remove empty trash cans from the curb. Do not store food in the bedrooms.

3. Do not leave anything valuable and label anything you do not want others to use. You can purchase renters insurance if you want to cover your own stuff. Do not give the code door key to others and do not have others sleep over in the crash pad unless specially arranged with Katie!

4.Limit your stuff to ONLY 1 dresser drawer, 1 kitchen shelf & 1 carry-on sized suitcase. Closet space is limited to shoes and hanging cloths. No excessive belongings-respect others.

5. Everyone must have another permanent address and stay at the crashpad only immediately before/after/during you work days. Private rooms are available if you have too much stuff, or have no full time other place to stay or want more peace and quiet.

6. Everyone must sign up for a personal sheet color. This way if you are not removing the your sheets from the bed everyone knows. All beds should have a white mattress cover and fitted sheet on each bed at all times. When you are using the bed put your colored sheet on the bed. Take your color sheet off the bed when you leave. Do not leave blankest,sheets,personal stuff on any bed! Do not use blankets as bottom sheets that have to be washed a lot-use sheets!

7.Bring and label anything you use personally in the kitchen,bathroom, or laundry room. Think of this as an apartment not a hotel and buy your own soaps,toilet paper, paper towels,napkins etc.

8. Enjoy the movies, games, puzzles, books, magazines but please return them. Do not trade or take the books in the front hallway near the street. Please read and return them!

9. No laundry before 9am or after 9 pm so everyone can sleep.

10.The crashpad is furnished. Use any blankets, pillow, sheets, kitchen dishes etc or bring your own. There is a dishwasher, washer/dryer.

11. 3 nights in a hotel equals one month at a crash pad so there is no prorated monthly rent. Either get a hotel for part of the month or pay for the entire month.

12.Sign this month to month contract and let Katie know when you will not be back. Anything left in the crash pad without paying that month will be thrown out.

13.Leave checks/cash in the locked payment/suggestion box on the wall the the laundry room next to the fire extinguisher by the door. Sign the payment sheet with your check number(or cash serial #). Please use the suggestion box for any notes or call my cell (503) 913-5809.

14. Park anywhere next to the house or on 105th street.

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